Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Other than Disney World Dad, Mom, and me went to Tybee Beach on Saturday. The first hotel was a dump from the entrance. I told them before we even got into the building. But they didn't believe me. They told me I was a snob, and I was right. We finally got out of that place and eventually met up with Janice and then went onto the beach. There were about 4-5 dead jellyfish on the beach. When it was about 9:00 pm we went to a restaurant called Crabdaddy's. It was sort of good. Then Janice found a place for us to sleep, it only cost 49.00 to go there and it was wayyyy better than the dump we were about to stay in. In the morning we set off to a very long journey back to our home in Wyoming. On Monday morning we were in our house unpacking at 7:30 am. Grandma and Grandpa then called to tell us that today would be a good day to pick up our beloved dog Muffy. You can hear about her adventures while we were gone at her own blogger. We we set off yet again to Reed City. The day was eventually over and my mom went to bed about 7:00 pm. Well Buh Bye.

Monday, July 01, 2002

But enough about that subject, I went to MGM on Monday, Epcot on Tuesday (half day because of the doctor) , Animal Kingdom on Wednesday, and Magic Kingdom for 1.5 days Thursday and 1/2 Friday. The other 1/2 of Friday we went to Epcot. It was really fun at Epcot because for kids you can make a mask and then when you go around to all the countries they stamp it and put a special souvenier on it. MGM was fun because we went to Sci Fi Dine in Theater and our waiter was really cute and he called me Sunshine. Also I liked the plays they showed. Animal Kingdom was fun because of the Safari. Magic Kingdom was fun also because at night before the fireworks Tinkerbell glided on a wire from the top of the castle to Tomorrowland part. Another was we got most of our signatures at that park. I got a minnie mouse viser hat and Minnie and Mickey signed it and Daisy Duck under the lip. We also went inside the Cinderella's Castle for lunch on Friday. We got Cinderella's signature there. It was really cool. My souveniers were the Minnie Mouse Viser, a Walt Disney necklace, and a Tigger pillow with a pj pouch in the back. When we had lunch and dinner I mostly had Chicken Ceaser Salad. It was really good. Well Buh Bye!!!
I am finally back from my journey to Walt Disney World!
It rained everyday except for one and that was Thursday! Well actually it didn't rain when we first got at the hotel. We had fun anyway, it was actually a blessing for it to be raining, because it was really hottt. But enough about the weather. The drive there was very long. But we eventually we got there. Sunday we didn't go because the weather man said it will be thunderstorms everyday. (They misread the weather, it was sunny until 5 o'clock) On Monday we went to Disney World and with my luck my period started. That really sucked. I had cramps and heavy flow for three days. It eventually ended July 1st right when we left Florida. And on top of that I had an ear infection. Those were only little set backs. I had a blast there. I went to the doctor on Tuesday because I couldn't get to sleep because of my cramps. The doctor said if I didn't feel well I should ride in a wheelchair. I didn't though

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